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The right table lamp should do a more than just light up the room. It should express your personal style, set a mood and provide a brilliant focal point. I started a quest for a cool vintage table lamp a few months ago and spent countless hours going over thousands of images and endless websites looking for something “vintage” looking, but not necessarily antique.

vintage table lamp
vintage edison lamp
vintage edison bulbs

I like the style of old lamps but I tend to be very picky with what I like and what I dislike. I ended up being drawn to lamps with simple designs that included one of the many styles of vintage edison bulbs. These old retro style bulbs make almost any lamp look unique and gives it that antique feel while using modern hardware.

steampunk lamp

One of the most unique style of table lamps I found was “Steampunk“! Who makes up this kinda stuff? There is a whole artform given to this style and I have to admit I like it. Some of the lamps with this type of design look like they should be in a science fiction movie, which of course would look very cool sitting on my desk.

Made with lots of cast iron piping, hard angles, vintage style bulbs, and lots of boiler room hardware, these lamps are more “works of art” but still function as a light source. If you want a good lesson on making your own steampunk lamp check out

Another popular style that still fits into the vintage table lamp category is “vintage industrial lights”. Who would have thought that old warehouse lights would one day become sought after to retro fit and bring into our living rooms?

Vintage Industrial Lighting can be anything from old explosion proof light fixtures to those old metal hooded drop down lights you see in most any old building from the 1930’s to 1960’s. Take a look at for more vintage industrial lighting ideas.

Once these old fixtures are cleaned up they will fetch a pretty penny on auction sites like etsy and ebay. If you have a salvage yard anywhere near where you live you are sure to find some dusty old treasures that you can sell online.

Take a few minutes and look through some of the auctions we have listed here. eBay is a great place to find the hardware if you plan on making your own creation, or just shop for a finished product to add to your living room or man cave. If your like looking for that perfect addition to your home decor then you found a great place to start.

vintage Industrial Lights

One helpful tip if you have not already thought of it….. start a pinterest board. Once you find a particular lamp you like “pin it”, that way you always have a picture and a link back to your favorite vintage table lamp, and of course you end up with a very cool pinterest page.

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